is an integrated branding agency that goes beyond the norm and the call of duty. We help build successful brand stories by combining an integrated creative mix of graphic design, copywriting, photography and videography with our digital and social media skills. The result: Brand stories that warm the heart, inspire the soul and above all, spur the target audience to act. Positive energy breeds positive results. And that represents who we are.

Who are we?

Call David Lai the digital wiz. David is a rare breed of branding experts with both IT technical skills (back end) and design (front end). Today, David has over 20 years of branding experience under his belt. A graduate from the region's top art college, THE ONE ACADEMY, David began his career in graphic design in a homegrown ad agency before he diversified his skills in multimedia. His ability to juggle different hats, as a designer, programmer, strategy planner and even client servicing expert set him apart from many creative experts. What's more, he also has printing experience in hand. Seeing there is a huge demand for digital marketing in 2018, David forayed into digital services and dedicated himself whole-heartedly to help empower brands. His motto in life, keep going, keep changing to keep up with the market needs.
David Lai
Francis Yip has often been mistaken as the famed Hong Kong singer, Frances Yip. However, Francis Yip doesn't sing but his pen is mightier than the sword. He has over 26 years of creative writing experience and has won numerous brand and writing awards, such as Top Outstanding Food & Travel Award 2019, AirAsia's Travel3Sixty Best Article Writer 2017 and 2018, Best Creative Writer Brand Award 2019, IBF Asia Top Business Award 2018 and STYLO Fashionista of the Year 2019. As a copywriter and creative director in both local and international ad agencies including Akomori Advertising, KHK DMB&B, Bozell Worldwide and Grey Worldwide, Francis has created memorable brand stories for an impressive list of clientele. These include Adabi, Tourism Malaysia, Inti University College, Citroen, F&N Dairies, SP Setia, Sunway, Microsoft, Hitachi, NEC and Yomeishu. Today, he brings his writing wizardry to Adxus to help empower brands and make a difference.
Francis Yip
Strategic Writing Partner

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